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September 23, 2010

Hello, fellow students and instructors.  I am dedicating this blog to all things martial arts training.  My goal is to record something in this blog each week.  If you would like to comment on the concepts and principles in this blog please do, but just remember to stay on the topic.  I do not intend this to be a social forum, but rather an arena for growth in the martial arts.  This blog is for us to discuss how we can better learn our techniques and incorporate the martial arts principles into our daily lives.  For my students, please pay attention to the topics covered, as they will help you in class.  My goal is to provide you with effective training for both the mind and the body.  Understanding the mechanics and dynamics behind certain techniques will help you gain more flexibility in your movements, power in your striking and blocking, and stamina in your stances.  We will review techniques and concepts taken from class during the week.  Plus, the items we discuss on this blog will contribute to your performance in class the coming week, as well as at testings, and with your board breaks. I plan to quiz students during class on the things discussed in this blog, too; so, make sure to pay attention.

Like all good things, I truly believe the principles of martial arts can be applied to everyday life.  It is amazing when you stop to think about it!  The 5 tenets of Tae Kwon Do can be implemented in everything we do - not just in class.  Principles like integrity, perseverence, self-control, etc. are all good to live by.  We can be better brothers/sisters, husbands/wives, employees, students at school, and citizens by following these concepts.  There is so much more to martial arts, too, that is applicable to life.  We will discuss these dynamics more thoroughly in this blog.

Thank you for visiting this blog and I look forward to our training...

K. Smotherman October 02, 2010: I so agree with your premise that the principles of martial arts can be applied to everyday life. Even though I've been away from training for years now, I am still amazed when I face some situation and a memory from the school will come back to me as a guide. I look forward to reading every week!